Grewia tilifolia

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Grewia tilifolia, also known as Uthi, has the timber looks like that of teak and is most commonly found in the moist deciduous forests of Kerala. Usually they attain a height of 12 m and 1.5 m diameter. But remarkable growth is seen in trees growing along the Western ghats which possess a height of 24 m and a diameter of 2m. This grows well on soil which is best suited for teak plantations. Even though best growth occurs in full sun light, they are shade tolerant. It is also frost sensitive. Root suckers are produced abundantly. This species is also a good coppicer. Leaf fall occurs during the month of March, and new leaves are produced during the month of April. Flower production is in February and seeds begin to mature during May.


Artificial propagation
Seeds can be collected during the months of June-August and can be stored up to 4 months. Artificial propagation is possible by direct sowing or by planting stumps or nursery raised seedlings in the field. Warm water treatment of seeds are found to be good for better germination.


Planting and management
Planting and management practices are similar to that of venga.


Plant protection

In the case of old trees, wood rot is caused by the fungus Ganoderma sp. Therefore, aged trees have to be cut and removed as early as possible. Grown up trees are also affected by stem borers and defoliators, which can be controlled by spraying quinalphos 0.05 per cent.

Heart wood is reddish brown with black patches. Brown colour of sapwood deepens with age. More strong and elastic than Teak. One cubic meter timber has about 785 kg weight. Easy for felling and sawing.


Timber is used for making furniture, vehicle parts, windows, doors etc. Skin and timber have some medicinal property. Coir is made from skin fibres. Seeds are edible. Leaves are good cattle 
feed. Mucilaginous extract from leaves is good for hair health.

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