Seed Collection and Sowing

Time of Seed Collection and Sowing

Time of Seed Collection and Sowing (1)

One of the major constrains on nursery plans in the past has been the availability of seed as fixed by the collecting season, in relation to the time needed to grow a particular species in the nursery. Seed acquisition must be planned. The quantity of seed required must be calculated, the sources identified, arrangements made for the collection along with the estimated cost. A good plan must include the following:

- list the number of healthy plants of acceptable size required at the planting site,

- assume that 20% of all pots sown or transplanted will not produce usable seedlings,

- in the absence of germination test results, assume that for every four seeds sown, only one transplantable seedling will be produced,

- find the number of seeds per kilogram and divide by thousand to find the number of seeds per gram,

- calculate the weight of seeds to be sown in grams,

- seed type, treatment, transplanted or directly sown in the pot.

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