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JackFruit - Planting

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It can be planted at the onset of monsoon showers. Seedlings or grafts are planted in pits of 60x60x60cm size at a spacing of 12-15 m. Refill pits with mixture of topsoil and 10kg compost or FYM per pit to a level higher than the adjoining ground. Plant the grafts in the same depth as they were in the containers, preferably in the late evening. Deep planting results in poor growth of the graft. Ensure that the graft joint is above the soil level. Stake the grafted plants to prevent snapping at the graft joints.

Excellent drainage and adequate watering need to be ensured. At no stage it should be exposed to drought and frost. It is useful to provide some protection, especially to young trees. Jack is rarely manured. Even without fertilizer application, the jack trees come up well under Kerala conditions.

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