Gardening Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables, Herbs And Fruit

Applying Fertilizers: A How to Guide

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Most fertilizers contain varying amounts of the three essential plant foods: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. On the label of commercial fertilizer bags, the elements are listed in the order given above. A bag of fertilizer listed as 10-15-20, for example would contain 10 percent nitrogen, 15 percent phosphorus, and 20 percent potassium.

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The nutritional content in dried manure is not big, but manure has concentrated levels of many trace elements, which make them a good organic fertilizer. If you cannot get bulky dried animal manure, mix the quantity you have with mushroom compost or peat.

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This popular and commonly used phosphate fertilizer is best for activating the growth of roots. Make sure to buy bone meal marked as ‘steamed.’ When raw, it carries anthrax, but becomes safe when treated with steam. However, it is best to wear gloves when spreading it in all cases.