Gardening Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables, Herbs And Fruit

Optimal Fertilizer Use and Biofertilizers

Optimal Fertilizer Use and Biofertilizers

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Some gardeners support the addition of fertilizers to the soil, whereas some do not favor its use since they claim fertilizers deplete the soil of its original nutrients.

Organic gardening works on the principle that you should feed the soil and not the plants you grow on the soil. If you can maintain a high soil fertility level by adding organic matter to it regularly, the plants will draw on that matter as needed. Nonetheless, you do need to use fertilizers because at times, you may not be able to provide your soil with all the nutrients by adding compost to it and your soil maybe highly deficient in one or more nutrients.

You can successfully address these issues by adding fertilizers to your soil. With that in mind, here are important considerations you should have in mind when adding fertilizer to your soil.