Gardening Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables, Herbs And Fruit

Organic Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers

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Organic farmers favor organic fertilizers because the chemicals contained in them do not harm the soil. Many compound fertilizers bear the label ‘organic-based’ or ‘semi-organic’ fertilizers. When compared to their inorganic counterparts, organic fertilizers are very powerful, but are considerably low in potash content, which is why you need to add potassium Sulphate when you use these fertilizers. Let us discus some of these fertilizers.


The most common organic fertilizers are manures. Table 5 shows the approximate nutrient contents of different types of manures and natural fertilizers. The age of the manure, its state of decomposition, and the diet of the animal from which it comes affect its nutrient content. Figures indicate percentage by weight.

organic manures comparison chart

Secondary Plant Food Elements

secondary plant food elements chart