Gardening Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables, Herbs And Fruit

Tips and Tricks for Managing Drainage Issues

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Poor drainage is one of the most commonly experienced problems by gardeners, especially novice gardeners. However, you can easily bring about fantastic improvements in your soil’s condition by opting for the appropriate cultivation approaches.

If your soil drains poorly, dig a sufficient quantity of it and incorporate a handsome amount of organic matter into it. If this does not work, it is wise to install a good drainage system; make sure you have a place to drain all that water to; otherwise, even a drainage system will not work in your favor.

To create a good drainage system, dig out a soak-away in a nook of your garden. A soak-away is a hole filled with different drainage materials such as gravel. The drainage material absorbs all the additional water from the soil. Make sure to take out the water from the soak-away, or drain it into your sewerage system if it becomes full because if you do not, you will return to square one.

If you do have a water outlet, the herringbone drainage system is perfect for you. Wet the soil about eight to ten feet between the arms of the drainage system. Fill in twiggy material in the arms and cover it with soil. This effort will result in a great produce.