Gardening Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables, Herbs And Fruit


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The major approach used to cultivate soil is hand digging. Hand digging breaks up the compact land and introduces air into it. In addition, it enables water to drain away easily, as well as giving the plant roots a chance to penetrate deeper into the soil. It also helps you work organic material deeper into the soil.

Carry out double digging when preparing your soil in the first year followed by a single dig in the autumn season every year if your soil is heavy, and a single dig in spring each year if the soil is light. Try keeping the soil covered with polyethylene to keep it dry and to make digging easier when you desire to conduct it.

When you dig heavy soil in winter, throw the soil forwards so you leave the ground unbroken and coarse for the winter season. This exposes a large amount of the topsoil to the dry winds and frosts; these elements can easily break the soil for you, and you will not have to invest much effort when you plant the crops in the spring. Moreover, exposure of the soil to heavy rains, frosts, and winds results in the elimination of pests and weeds.

Limy and sandy soils crumble to a very fine tilth readily compared to heavier soils. Light soils drain easily which results in nutrient leaks. To manage this issue, keep your soil covered by sowing green manure in the autumn and then dig it a little before you sow the seeds.

DO NOT dig soil when it is wet because your boots will stick in it and spoil the soil’s structure. Begin by employing a fork and a spade of a size suitable to your height. Over-sized tools will only tire and slow down your pace: avoid using them. In addition, take several breaks when digging so you do not become exhausted and succumb to backaches.

It is best to take as much time as you need and maybe accrue the help of a professional so he or she can help you out with this laborious task. Clean your tools after each digging session and rub them with a lubricated cloth to prevent the onset of rust. While digging, place perennial weeds in a bucket and burn them later.