Gardening Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables, Herbs And Fruit


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Watering is important to the proper growth of your plants. However, watering does not mean merely pouring water on the soil. Effective watering requires the use of a certain technique; a technique you must follow to water your soil.

Firstly, you must never pour small quantities of water. You must apply a generous amount of water so that it goes deep down in the soil and reaches the roots or the plant; failure to do so, the roots will start coming to the soil’s surface seeking water for their survival.

Secondly, DO NOT administer a huge amount of water to the soil because it will cause the soil to crumble. It is best to apply water using a good quality sprinkler. If you are watering your seed trays, apply the water to any one side of your tray and then gently pass your watering can over the seedlings, making sure the nozzle’s angle stays the same throughout the watering process.

DO NOT water the soil at all times. Water it only when it becomes dry or according to the watering instructions detailed on the package of the plant. However, consider the timing of watering. If you water veggies or fruits when they are rapidly growing, you will produce heavy and healthy crops. If you excessively water them when fruits start coloring, you will end up giving them a fungus attack.