Organic Liquid Formulations

Organic Liquid Formulations

Organic Liquid Formulations

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1. Neem Seed Kernel Extract (NSKE 3%)

Materials required

Neem seed kernel – 30 g

Water – 1 liter

Method of preparation

Grind neem seed kernel into coarse powder and put in a small muslin cloth bag. Keep it immersed in 1 liter of water in a vessel for 12 hours. Thereafter, squeeze the cloth bag by dipping in water repeatedly till the water coming out from the cloth bag becomes clear. Squeeze the cloth bag thoroughly and then remove it. It is ready for spraying.

Neem Oil – Garlic Emulsion (2%)

Materials required

Neem oil – 200 ml

Bar soap – 50 g

Garlic – 200 g

Water – 9 liter

Method of preparation

Slice 50 g bar soap into thin flakes and dissolve in 500 ml of hot water by agitation. Pour the soap solution to 200 ml of neem oil slowly and stir rigorously. Grind 200 g of garlic by adding 300 ml of water. Filter the garlic extract through a muslin cloth and then add to the prepared neem oil soap emulsion. Dilute this one-liter stock solution by adding 9 litres of water to get 10 ;litres of 2% neem-oil garlic emulsion.

2. Leaf/Plant Extract (5%)

Macerate 50 g of leaf/plant in a mixie. Soak the macerated product in 1 liter of water for 24-48 hours. Strain th solution and spray.

3. Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) Emulsion (5%)

To prepare 10 litres of 5% CNSL Emulsion, 500 ml of CNSL and 50 g bar soap are required. Slice the bar soap and dissolve in 500 ml of water. Pour 500ml of CNSL slowly and stir vigorously to get a good emulsion. Dilute this one litre solution by adding 9 litres of water to get 10 litres of 5% CNSL emulsion.

4. Fish Jaggery Extract

Equal quantity of chopped fresh fish (preferably sardine) is mixed with crushed jaggery and kept in an airtight container for 40-45 days. Brownish colored viscous liquid can be filtered and used. This liquid can be stored upto 4-6 months. It can be used as a growth stimulant by diluting 2 ml l-1 of water and foliar spraying at 2 weeks interval from 4 leaf stage. It can be sprayed as a repellent against rice bug and pod bugs of pulses @ 15-20 ml l-1.

5.Egg Lemon Jaggery Extract

Put chicken eggs 7 no. In a glass jar and immerse it with lime juice. Keep it air-tight for 2 weeks. Put 250 g boiled cool jaggery into this and mix well. Again, keep air-tight for another one week. This solution can be filtered, diluted with water at 1 ml l-1 and can be sprayed on the foliage.

6. Panchagavya

Cow dung-7 kg and cow ghee- 1 kg are mixed in a clean container, stirred thoroughly both in morning and evening hours and kept aside for 3 days. After 3 days, cow urine-10 litres and water-10 litres are added. The mixture is kept for 15 days with regular mixing both in the morning and evening hours. After 15 days, add cow milk-3 litres, cow curd-2 litres, tender coconut water-3 liters, jaggery-3 kg and well riped proven banana- 12 no. The mixture is kept for 7 days with regular mixing both in the morning and evening hours. Panchagavya can be prepared in a wide-mouthed mud pot or concrete tank or plastic can. It can be stored and used upto 6 months. Daily stirring for a minimum of 10 minutes is a must.


Keep the container open under shade

Stir the contents twice a day both in the morning and evening.

The Panchagavya stock solution will be ready after 30 days

Do not mix buffalo products.

It is stored in shade covered with a wire mesh or plastic mosquito net to prevent house flies from laying eggs and the formation of maggots in the solution.

7. Dasagavya

Dasagavya is Panchagavya + plant extracts. The plants that can be used are:

Azadirachta indica, Calotropis sp., Tephrosia purpurea, Vitex negundo, Datura mtel, Jatropha curcas, Adathoda vasica, Pongamia pinnata...

The plant extract is prepared by separately soaking the foliage in cow urine in 1:1 ratio for ten days. The filtered extracts of all the plants are then added @ 1 litre each to 5 liters of the Panchagavya solution. The mixture is kept for 25 days and stirred well to ensure thorough mixing of Panchagavya and the plant extracts.

8. Jeevamrutham

Materials required

Cow dung – 10 kg

Cow urine – 10 liters

Balck jaggery – 2 kg

Pulse flour – 2 kg

Plastic drum – 200 liters capacity

Method of preparation

Take 200 liters of water in the drum. Add 10 kg of cow dung to it and mix well. Add powdered jaggery and pulse flour, mix it well. Cover the drum with a jute bag and let it ferment for a week by mixing every two days. This mixture can be used within 2-3 days of mixing. After a week, the microbes develop in the mixture which can be used with irrigation water, sprinkler system or drip system.

Dosage of jeevamrutham: 200 litres is applied per acre through irrigation water or direct soil application.

9. Activated EM Solution

Ingredients for the preparation of ten litre activated solution

EM Stock solution – 500 ml

Molassess or Jaggery – 500 g

Well water – 9 litres

Method of preparation

Mix jaggery and water and add EM solution

Pour the mixture into a clean ten-litre plastic container and close it airtight

Keep in a cool, dark place at ambient temperature

Open the lid for a few seconds to let out the accumulated gas every day

The solution is ready for use when the pH drops below 4, which takes approximately 7 to 10 days.

2% activated EM solution is used for EM compost preparation.