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Mangoes - Plant Protection

Mangoes - Plant Protection (1)

The important pests of mango are hoppers, stem borers, shoot midges, leaf feeding insects, fruit flies and psyllids.

To control mango hopper, spray malathion 0.1 % at the time of flowering.

To control mango stem borer, apply paste made of crude carbolic acid (130 ml), soft soap (1 kg) and hot water (3.7 litres) to holes in the bark and plug the holes.

To control fruit fly, spray malathion 0.1 % emulsion / suspension containing 2% sugar. Collect and destroy attacked fruits that rot and drop down. Fruit flies can be effectively managed by keeping Ocimum trap @ 4 / tree and collection and destruction of fallen fruits by taking deep pits having at least 60 cm depth.

Setting up of pheromone trap (methyl eugenol trap) @ 1 trap per 15 cents, swabing the tree trunk with jaggery 10% containing malathion 0.1% @ 1 litre/ tree during fruiting season at fortnightly intervals, soil application of B. bassiana formulation @ 10 litre solution/ 40 m2 under tree canopy (20 g/ litre) during fruiting season and post-harvest treatment of harvested fruits with lukewarm water @ 480C containing 1% salt for 15 minutes is recommended.

To control shoot midge, which causes the drying of tender shoots, or dimethoate 0.05%. Apply wettable sulphur for the control of powdery mildew and anthracnose.

The common diseases are the powdery mildew, anthracnose and dieback.

To control dieback of twigs and branches, cut the affected twigs below the infected region and apply Bordeaux paste to the cut ends.