Rules for Watering (Nishechana vidhi)

Rules for Watering (Nishechana vidhi)

Rules for Watering (Nishechana vidhi) (1)

An irrigation calendar based on time, duration, agro-climatic conditions like season, type of soil, type of crop etc. is mentioned in Vrikshayurvedic literature. It is also stressed that, the purity of water has to be maintained.

Rules and Guidelines for watering

Area of this website exclusively details the rules and guidelines for watering according to season and duration.

Duration and time for watering plant species
Sl. No Nature of plants and season (Ritu) Duration/time of watering Remarks
1 Newly planted species Twice-daily- morning and evening Adopt protective measures from excess cold, wind and heat
2 Hemanta and Sisira (Winter) Alternate days  
3 Vasanta (Spring) *Once in a day/**twice daily morning and evening  
4 Greeshmam (Summer) Twice daily- morning and evening  
5 Varsha (rainy) Sarath (Autumn) *Watering only if there is no rain/**when the soil is dry Watering, according to the requirement. Watering is prohibited on the basin of the tree, if the tree suffering from indigestion. This is to be detected based on the rate of adsorption of water poured over the basin of the tree.If it is not adsorbed, it shows that the tree is suffering from indigestion.In this condition watering should be totally restricted.
6 Weeding   The grass, shrubs, herbs, climbers etc, which are growing near the tree, preventing the proper growth of the tree should be removed.
Duration and time of watering plant species
Sl. No. Nature of plants and season (Ritu) Duration/time of watering Remarks
1 Newly planted species (young plants or seedlings) Twice daily- morning and evening for seven days Provide shade for protection from sun. After an interval of every seven days, medicated gruel (krisara) prepared from fish, meat and Tila (Sesamam indicum) is applied (cold form) over the bottom of newly planted species to enhance growth This should be properly protected from heat(sunlight) until coral coloured leaves appear on the newly planted trees.
2 Jangaladesa (region of tropics especially arid zone/ hilly land) Twice daily (morning and evening)up to first two weeks or till the land is irrigated well. Plot plantation should be saturated with water
3 Anoopadesa (aquatic or marshy land) Once daily for five weeks Water should only be sprinkled over the plants
4 Sandharanadesa (plain/medium type land) Twice daily (morning and evening) during first ten alternate days Using little quantity of water is recommended
5 Winter (Hima) Alternate days Irrigate when the plant roots attain stability
6 Vasanta (Sping) Once daily  
7 Grishma (Summer) Thrice daily (Trikalam)  
8 Sarat (autumn) and rainy (varsa) season Apply special recipe when the soil is dry during the fruiting season of trees The juice obtained from the medicinal fruit duly mixed with cow's urine, fat (vasa), milk and other similar liquids, prepared in the form of liquid manure