Medicinal Plants

Abutilon indicum


DescriptionAbutilon indicum is a small shrub in the Malvaceae family, native to tropic and subtropical regions and sometimes cultivated as an ornamental.Found in Tamil Nadu. This plant is often used as a medicinal plant and is considered invasive on certain tropical islands.Its roots and leaves are used for curing fever. 
Scientific name: Abutilon indicum
Family: Malvaceae
Order: Malvales
Higher classification: Indian mallow

Abutilon hirtum is a perennial plant with stems that are more or less woody and persist. It grows up to 2.5 metres tall

Scientific name: Abrus precatorius
Kingdom: Plantae
Family: Fabaceae
Higher classification: Abrus
Rank: Species

Abrus precatorius, known commonly as jequirity bean, rosary pea, or crab-eye seed is a herbaceous flowering plant in the bean family Fabaceae. It is a slender, perennial climber with long, pinnate-leafleted leaves that twines around trees, shrubs, and hedges. The jequirity bean has a shiny appearance and is mainly red in color with a black spot.


Abelmoschus moschatus is an aromatic and medicinal plant in the family Malvaceae native to Asia and Australia.
Scientific name: Abelmoschus moschatus
Higher classification: Okras
Rank: Species
Family: Malvaceae

Abelmoschus manihot (L.) Medik. ssp. manihot var. manihot
Kingdom: Plantae
Scientific name: Abelmoschus manihot
Higher classification: Okras
Rank: Species
Family: Malvaceae
Order: Malvales

Scientific name: Abelmoschus esculentus
Higher classification: Okras

Common Names:

Assamese Bhendi
Eng Lady’s finger, Gumbo, Okra
English Lady's finger
Hin Bhindi, Ram-turi, Bhindi-tori, Bhendi
Kannada Bende kaayi gida, Bende kaayi
Others Ladies Finger, Venda
Sanskrit Pitali, Bhenda, Gandhamula, Darvika, Tindisha
Tamil Vendaikkai, Venaikkay
Telugu Bendakaya, Vendakaya, Penda
mal Venda, Ventakaya
mar Ramturai, Bhajichi-bhendi, Benda